Welcome to Bayside Orthodontics.

We’re thrilled that you have chosen us to care for your orthodontic needs, and we look forward to meeting you. We know you may be a bit nervous, so here’s what you can expect during your first visit!

Meeting the Team

During your first visit, you will meet Dr.Gellerman’s, Dr. Chan-Ly’s, and Dr. Mizrahi’s team. Our orthodontists and our team of registered dental assistants aim to make you feel at home during your dental visits. The whole team is dedicated to making your orthodontic experience as comfortable and positive as possible.

Complimentary Exam

During your first visit, you will need to fill out new patient paperwork for our doctors and the team to get to know your history and needs better. Once this is completed, you will have a complimentary, comprehensive orthodontic exam, including intraoral images, and possibly a panoramic x-ray image.

Review of Information and Records

After your exam, one of our orthodontists will review your records and imaging to understand your current and future orthodontic needs better. In cases where you’ve had previous orthodontic treatment, our orthodontists will also take this into account. With this information, our orthodontists can design a treatment plan that will address your needs efficiently and effectively.

Discussing Your Treatment Options

The next step is for one of our orthodontists to discuss your treatment options with you. Based on their assessment, there may be several options suitable for you. For instance, you may be a good candidate for both braces and Invisalign. If that is the case, our orthodontists will discuss both treatment plans with you. This will also be a time for you to ask all the questions you may have. The team aims for you to have a complete understanding of your choices for you to be more informed when deciding which option is right for you.

Beginning Your Treatment

Once you’ve completed your consultation, you can opt to begin your treatment right away or delay it for a later time. If you decide to start your treatment straight away, treatment can start that very day.

Whether you choose to start that day or to delay your treatment, our team will be happy to review your dental insurance to determine what kind of coverage you have. In that case that you do not have dental insurance, we can offer flexible payment plans that can fit into nearly anyone’s budget. Our goal is to make treatment accessible to anyone who needs it.

If you want to delay your treatment for any reason, you will need to visit the office periodically so that we can monitor if there are any changes in your alignment. We will keep your records so that when you decide to begin your treatment, you can get started straight away.

Scheduling Appointments

Once you begin your treatment, regular visits to the office are needed based on your treatment plan. On average, patients are scheduled for a checkup once every four to eight weeks. Depending on what your chosen treatment is, the length of your visit may vary. However, they are generally quick and easy. During these visits, our orthodontists assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

These check-ups are imperative to the outcome of your treatment, as are your regular teeth cleanings. When fitted with braces or Invisalign, patients should have their teeth cleaned by the dentist two to four times a year. Our orthodontists will recommend a schedule best for you.

Now that you know what to expect, get in touch with the team to schedule an appointment!