Your Smile, Our Passion!

Located in Bayside, NY

Your Smile, Our Passion!

Located in Bayside, NY

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When choosing Bayside Orthodontics and the professional expertise of Dr. Gellerman and Dr. Mizrahi you are choosing integrity, quality, unparalleled customer service, impeccable results and a future full of spectacular smiles.

About the Bayside Team

Our staff is dedicated to welcoming patients to our office in the same way they would welcome them to their homes. We believe your first encounter with our office should be a comfortable one, from the time you first call, to the time we say good-bye. We are here to serve you and to acquaint ourselves with your needs.

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Our Unique Method

We have developed a step-by-step approach that addresses your individual orthodontic needs, and we use up-to-date technology to further accelerate and ease treatment.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children

It varies from one child to another, which is one reason that an orthodontic evaluation at around age 7 is so important. During this evaluation, our orthodontists can look for issues that could lead to serious orthodontic problems later if they’re untreated. Some kids may need two-phase orthodontic treatment starting at age 7, while others might not require treatment until they’re 10 or older. There are also some kids who don’t need braces at all. Our orthodontists are happy to perform an early orthodontic evaluation so they can recommend the best orthodontic solutions for your child.