Payment Plans

We understand that achieving the smile of your dreams can sometimes come with burdensome financial commitments. Our goal at Bayside Orthodontics is to make treatment accessible to everyone who needs it. For you to receive the quality orthodontic care you deserve, we offer several flexible payment plans that would suit any family’s budget. 

Insurance Options

There are various types of orthodontic insurance. The majority of them pay for approximately 25-35% of the total comprehensive treatment fee. At Bayside Orthodontics, we are an insurance-friendly office and accept assignment of benefit, where we file and collect your insurance on your behalf. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. If you have dental coverage through your insurance provider, our staff can help you maximize your policy.

Our doctors’ aim is to provide orthodontic care to everyone who needs it; so, we offer different payment plans that would suit your family’s budgetary needs. Speak with us about this during your consultation.