Braces In Bayside & Queens, NY

Damon Smile braces are called “tie-less” braces, which means that rubber bands aren’t used during the adjustment. The braces essentially tighten on their own! Damon Smile braces can offer several important advantages over traditional metal braces.

Braces for Children In Bayside & Queens, NY

It varies from one child to another, which is one reason that an orthodontic evaluation at around age 7 is so important. Our orthodontists are happy to perform an early evaluation so they can recommend the best solutions for your child.

Braces for Teens In Bayside & Queens, NY

In addition to traditional metal braces, Bayside Orthodontics offers a number of other braces options for teens, including: Invisalign, Damon Braces, Incognito Braces, and Ceramic Braces.

Braces for Adults In Bayside & Queens, NY

There are many reasons to consider orthodontics as an adult. Many adults cite improved appearance and boosted self-confidence as leading reasons for getting braces. Of course, there are many other benefits as well, including improved chewing, reduced chance of tooth and gum decay after your teeth are properly aligned, and relief of tooth and jaw pain.

Braces FAQs

Thinking about braces, but wondering if they’re really the best choice for you? There are a few things that may help you decide. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from Bayside Orthodontics patients.

Braces Before & After

Check out these before and after images of real braces treatment with real patients if you’re looking for orthodontic treatment in Queens, NY. Look no further than Bayside Orthodontics. Before & After 1 Before & After 2 Before & After 3 Before & After 4 Before & After 5 Before & After 6 Before & […]